What is Polkadots

PolkaDots operates to fashion for all ages the finest quality garments and accessories in the most feasible prices.

PolkaDots Specializes in ladies’ apparels and accessories. Introducing a western-eastern mix in kurties and tunic.
PolkaDots has further widened its range to jeans, tights, pants, shalwar, sweaters, long shirts, scarfs and other knitwear.

The first shop set up by the business was in Dolmen Mall Karachi in 2004, established under the name “Asta Apparel”
(The label which was later given to the wholesale department of the business), It dealt with both Male & Female garments.

In 2008, the fisrt PolkaDots outlet was established also in Dolmen Mall Karachi. As a retailer in male and female clothing
the business had now grown to specialize only female garments and designing them aswell.

After the success of the first two shops, in March 2010 the company took big step by launching a Polkadots outlet in
Millennium Mall Karachi. The outlet was a huge success.

In November 2010, Another Polkadots outlet was launched in Saima Paari Mall, Karachi.

In 2011, The company established a factory and started manufacturing locally to fulfill the market demand.

In 2012, seeing the demand of PolkaDots products in Punjab Company opened its first wholesale outlet in Anarkali Tower, Lahore.

Currently, the business has ten outlets all over Pakistan and a website which is selling online to local as well as
international customers, all with very co-operative staff members. And has a very wide variety of products available.

PolkaDots started manufacturing their merchandise later in2011 . The factory is based in North Karachi Industrial area.
It started out with only near adequate amount of production. However the production increased within a short span of time
and now a significant amount of the company’s retail and wholesale items are being produced locally.

The factory initially had a minimal quantity of people. However it now employs a staff of approximately 250 workers that
specialize aspects of the manufacturing process.

Over the passage of time, the company acquired better and more efficient machinery that has enhanced the production process.

The Factory now have a panel of fashion designers who are in charge of designing products that meet the fashion trends
and market demands.

Due to this PolkaDots have a name in terms of quality and uniqueness

Future Plans:
The business plans to expands its horizons with entrance into new markets providing employment opportunities to the residing locals.
The business aims to broaden its reach to the international markets in the foreseeable future.